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Sagrada Familia: Basilica under construction since 1882 with stunning architecture.

Parque del Retiro: Peaceful urban park with a beautiful lake.

Casa Batlló: Gaudi masterpiece with a unique immersive experience.pen_spark

Plaza de España: Huge plaza with a river and bridges representing ancient kingdoms.pen_spark

 The Alhambra: Breathtaking palace-city with Islamic, Christian, and modern architecture.pen_spark

Prado National Museum: One of the world's largest art collections with works by Goya and El Greco.pen_spark

Real Alcazar de Sevilla: Beautiful palace showcasing a fusion of Christian and Moorish architecture.pen_spark

Parc Guell: Quirky park with colorful mosaics designed by Gaudi.pen_spark

Mezquita Cathedral de Cordoba: Roman Catholic church that was once a mosque.pen_spark