8 Secret Wonders of Afghanistan

Marco Polo's Bazaars:  Kabul's labyrinthine "Chicken Street" isn't just for souvenirs! Legend has it Marco Polo himself explored these bustling markets.

National Pastime  Buzkashi, a wild horseback game where riders fight over a headless calf, is a thrilling (and slightly bizarre) Afghan tradition.

Music in the Mountains The Nuristan province boasts a unique musical heritage featuring the "viol," a string instrument with a haunting melody.

Pomegranate Paradise Afghanistan is one of the world's leading producers of pomegranates. Enjoy their juicy goodness fresh, dried, or as juice!

Ancient Sporting Spirit   Lapis Lazuli, a prized semi-precious stone, was mined in Afghanistan for millennia. It even adorned Tutankhamun's tomb!

Bamyan Sisters" While the giant Buddhas of Bamyan are famous, recent discoveries suggest even larger statues of a reclining Buddha once stood nearby.

Falconry Takes Flight  Falconry, the ancient art of hunting with trained falcons, is still practiced in remote Afghan regions.

Afghan Space Agency Yes, you read that right! Established in the 1960s, the Afghan Space Agency, though currently inactive, holds a fascinating piece of the country's history.

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